The second educator blog I review is the Education Week blog for teachers.

This is a very comprehensive blog for current issues and trends in education managed by the Education Week, Teacher. Teacher is an online resource that offers news, blogs, webinars and book clubs for teachers. According to the website, “Education Week, Teacher’s take on the latest news, ideas, and resources for teacher leaders. Coverage runs the gamut from the inspirational to the infuriating, from practical classroom tips to raging policy debates, and from “news you can use” to “news of the weird”.” (works cited:

Unlike the classroom blogs, this one has more of a feel of a professional journal. The scope of this blog is large and less personal. An example of a blog post is “Do Students Still Need Encyclopedias?”

This blog post summaries the recent discontinuation of the print version of Britannica encyclopedia. The conversation centered around what reference resources educators are using in the classroom and teaching to students. The question offered for comment was “How do you teach the craft of research in this ever-changing, sometimes overwhelming information environment?” Some of the comments were interesting too and reminded me of our conversation on our technology class discussion board.

The last Educator Blog I reviewed is Education News.

This blog is written to be all inclusive of educational news worldwide. The blog includes media publications, commentaries, and reports on education from different political views. According to the website, is challenged with less coverage of educational issues by news organizations, yet striving to keep the public aware of current information. The blog is subdivided into  seven sub-blogs that include Education Policy, Technology, Higher Education, Online Schools, Parenting, International/UK and K-12. For my review, I focused on the K-12 blog.
The blog reads  like a newspaper. It is designed for readers to look over the large list of topics and selectively read posts that are of a personal interest to them. I guess some people with a great deal of time on their hands may read all of the articles, but that is unlikely.  One of the posts that caught my eye was New Science Curriculum to Address Climate Change Controversy. This post discusses the new science standards being drafted to include the impact of humans on global warming. and cites a recent Wall Street Journal Article about the topic.  Readers of the blog left comments that challenged those claims leading to an interesting discussion of the subject.

The value in this blog for me is that if you do not have time to search the web for up-to-date education news articles, you could go to a blog like this and get summaries of many hot education topics around the US and the globe.

Why I am sharing these blogs?

Following blogs like the ones I reviewed  will help  generate ideas for my blog.  Reading educational news is always important to keep current about what is going on  in the US and world.   Just like reading professional journals, the value of blogs for teachers lies in connecting with a broader network of support and information.  By doing so, teachers can create rich learning environments for their students.



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