My most favorite educator blog is the PE Geek blog! A Physical Education teacher, Jarrod Robinson, from Australia began this blog in 2008 to incorporate technology in his classes and to inspire digital literacy for his students. Since I am almost finished getting a certification in Physical Education, Mr. Robinson, you are my hero!
In the PE Geek blog, PE teachers can find information about Apps, videos, products, and websites to improve instruction for students. He provides helpful reviews of digital resources including links for more information. As an example, Mr. Robinson explains in a blog post why Twitter is his favorite resource.

He even made understanding Twitter accounts easier by posting a video about the basic Twitter sign up and how to use it as a resource for connecting with other PE teachers worldwide. Check out his Twitter video

Twitter for PE teachers

Another great resource from the PE Geek is an app for a free mobile version of his blog. This version includes YouTube videos and social media links. The app will also include a  list of PE teachers to follow from around the world.

I think the highest value of this blog for PE teachers is the exhaustive list of digital resources.  It is by far the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and inspirational blog I have seen for physical educators.


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  1. Melissa says:

    I loved this blog! I originally was going to use it for one of my reviews, but went a different path. Who knew there were so many different apps and tools for making physical education even more interactive and imaginative! I was intrigued by the Zombierun app mentioned and the app that adapts music to your workout. As someone who does not have an iphone, ipod touch or even a phone with apps available, this makes me re-think my technology needs. My husband is an avid runner and is working up to doing a marathon. I could see him really taking advantage of some of these apps. I also know several PE teachers who could certainly incorporate these technologies into their classes.

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