Prior to my graduate technology class, I have not used Flickr.  For my personal photography, I have used other photo sharing websites. Now that I am exploring sharing photographs and slide shows in the classroom, Flickr has a lot to offer. After reading two helpful articles,  How to Use Flickr in Your Classroom and Using Flickr in the Classroom by David Jakes I began thinking of countless ideas of how to use Flickr when teaching.  As Mr. Jakes stated in his article, Flickr can be used anywhere visual images are needed for presentation.  Teachers use some form of presentation of information to students every day, yet how content is presented varies greatly.  Instead of the traditional overhead transparencies, slide shows can be made for any topic. With 100 million photographs at your finger tips, a teacher would never run out of material.  Recently, I have begun using a lap top to show very brief clips of videos to students to enhance their background knowledge and interest different PE lessons.  Below are some of my ideas I am anxious to try.

Ideas for using Flickr in PE:

  • virtual field trips (geography and cultures related to sports)
  • motivation for a unit
  • background information about a sport, physical activity or health issue
  • student digital portfolios
  • demonstration of a skill or activity
  • explaining biomechanics, exercise physiology, or sport injuries
  • Introducing vocabulary words

The list is growing as get more experience with the tool.

I created a gallery that includes photographs of track and field events. I want to use this gallery to introduce students to track and field as a sport. I would use the gallery in my introductory lesson to create  a visual impact to motivate students and as examples of some of the activities they will be participating in.  My hope would be that the  students see the images of the athletes working  hard and lead to future discussions on effort and improvement.

What do you think? Do you think images make our message more powerful?


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