Wow, iGoogle is the organized teacher’s best friend!  I absolutely hate feeling disorganized and distracted by too many things at once.  I function better if I feel in control and have order to things.  iGoogle puts all of my new digital tools in one site just for me.  I like how you can customize the theme and move the gadgets for the best personal layout.  Instead of remembering to go to different websites to check in on posts, iGoogle has it all right there at once place.  I have to confess that since I made my Twitter account, I rarely went to look at it. What good is it going to do me if I forget to review the Tweets?
iGoogle can support me as a teacher by facilitating the practice of becoming informed.  I can easily have access to a greater network of information and support.  The more I use Web 2.0 tools, the more effective I will be at digital age teaching.   I am still confused on some of the new jargon such as the difference between widgets, gadgets and apps… oh my!  I am a bit apprehensive of using various apps to access my login information, but I  often joke, that apps will one day rule the world.  There will be an app for anything under the sun.  Our students and my own children do not go a day without using an app so I guess it is my time too.
I plan to continue to test out my personalized homepage with iGoogle.

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