My Goodread bookshelf: Emotions

I created a Goodreads bookshelf entitled, “Emotions. ” This bookshelf could be use for Health education for intermediate elementary grades. I would incorporate this digital resource into the emotions unit and use it in a variety of ways. The first way I would use my “Emotions” bookshelf with students would be to select one book I found on Goodreads to serve as an introduction to the unit such as Mood Swings: Show “Em How You’re Feeling! by Borgman. (2001). This book is a flip chart with 30 facial expressions that would be a great visual tool for a warm up activity. Secondly, I would use a specific chapter or section of a book that would work to well for a full lesson with pre, during,and post reading activities. One book on my list that would work well is Understanding Myself: A Kid’s Guide to Intense Emotions and Strong Feelings by Lamia (2010). The third way I would use the bookshelf  for the Emotions unit would be to have an assignment where students would choose one of the books to read on their own. They could also recommend other books so the selection would grow. The students would  write a summary and personal reflection of the book.

In addition to supporting the Emotions Unit, I would share my Goodreads’ bookshelves with parents and colleagues. Often times, parents welcome ideas to reinforce learning at home and by sharing my bookshelves with them, they can foster reading  and find resources to help with a particular concern such as bullying or anxiety.

To enhance my professional network and development with Goodreads, I can  make book recommendations, write book reviews, join groups, and stay organized by what I have read, currently reading and plan to read. The website has a section, “Voice,” that provides users with information about new books, interviews with authors, and blog posts. I also like the bookmarklet that is now on my toolbar that allows me to add books to my bookshelves from I have never used a social cataloging site before and have discovered the many benefits of Goodreads.


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