I have been contemplating what I want to include in my class wiki.

On my quest to learn more about Wikis, I came across several that gave me ideas to use in my physical/health education classroom. While I was not able to find the perfect example of a robust class wiki to model for my classes, I have collected elements and resources to inspire me.

Connecting Web 2.0 with Physical Education: call it PE 2.0!  This wiki was created by Helena Baert who has a Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology Pedagogy with a specialty in technology. In fact,  her dissertation was on The integration of technology in Physical Education Teacher Education programs; therefore,  I was thrilled when I discovered her wiki.  The wiki has information on adapted PE, lesson ideas, technology and PE resources, research and articles.  Within each section are separate pages for professional collaboration.  My favorite section was a link to a group wiki, the Exergame Network.   This wiki is dedicated to people interested in exergaming (Active gaming) which is a hot new way to exercise and appears to be her most active.  The wiki is intended to be an open distribution of ideas and expertise among educators.    Another section managed by Ms. Baert was for the PE students at the University of Arkansas called UA PHED Home Page.   This wiki was created by and for the college students for collaboration on PE resources, lesson plans, and reflection.  Ms. Baert’s wikis provide me with valuable professional development resources and tools, but also give me ideas of how to set up my own wiki for students. Ideas I learned from her wiki pages are student group collaborative projects, posting PE websites and curriculum content, or as a place to display online portfolios.   

I next reviewed Sun West Physical education wiki.  This page was created by Mr. Bennett to assist Physical Education teachers at all grade levels, particularly in Sun West School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada.  The wiki had pages for elementary, middle and high school as well as pages by topic.  The topics include fitness, warm up games, stretching, assessment and web links.  Many of the pages had links to other resources and powerpoint presentations.  I like the layout of this wiki with the colorful buttons that link to different topics and grade level resources.  This wiki is a good example of teacher collaboration, but unfortunately, not designed for students.

Many of the class wikis started by physical educators appear to become inactive after first year and become quickly out of date.  I found one example of a class wiki that has some elements that can help me develop one for my students.  I reviewed PE with Mr. T that was developed by Mr. Trent for his classes at New Designs Charter School, in Los Angeles CA.  Mr. Tran has included in his wiki the course syllabus, lesson units, brief autobiography, and links to resources. He discusses why PE is important and has a few inspirational quotes.  I like how he has a note to parents reinforcing an open door policy.  The wiki appears to be a tool for class information but not for student collaboration. While I like some of what Mr. Tran included on his wiki, I was hoping to find more student involvement.

The best example of a class wiki I found one was for health Education.  Mrs. Rice’s Health Class Wiki is an active page that includes photographs of class activities, notes and presentations.  She includes announcements for assignments, quizzes, tests and units of study.  The wiki contains all of her  lesson power points which is helpful  for students who are absent or need to review.  The wiki has PDF documents and links to additional web resources.  This wiki includes many resources to help students be successful in her classes.



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